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Smart SMS is a SMS marketing app. The easiest way to promote your business on your Android smartphone or tablet. Via the simple interface Smart SMS offers a simple solution to make automated business promotion on your device in just a few taps

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We’re sure you’ll find our app useful. If you do, please recommend it to other members in your community – the more that download and use the app, the easier and cheaper it will be for your business to keep everyone up to speed.

Send text message automatic

The SMS is completely driven by the user .You compose the text of the SMS, and you set the time. So when the SMS sending is triggered later, it is completely with your prior consent.

Reply Phone call automatic

SMS Auto Reply - automatic reply with text / SMS message to incoming texts when you are busy, away, in a meeting...
When you missed / rejected a call, with AUTO ANSWER CALL feature, an automated text message will be replied to sender immediately.

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